Medallion Quilts

Medallion quilts are those that have a central focus to which borders have been added to expand the quilt to the desired size.  This type of quilt was popular at the beginning of the 19th century.  The whitework traupunto quilt, probably made in 1810, below features an arrangement of flowers in a two handled vase in the center with smaller arrangements of flowers in a vase in each corner and a border of a palmetto type leaf.  Each of the examples shown here was made by a fine needleworker and the quilting is exquisite.

The 500 Year Quilt, below, was made in 2011 by Linda Fisher is arranged out in a medallion format.  (Gift of Linda Fisher (Mrs. Charles), TTU-H2016-005-006).
The Jacobean Tree of Life quilt below was made from a kit in the last quarter of the 20th century and was created in a medallion style. The piece also came with a valence with similar applique decoration.(Gift of Linda Fisher (Mrs. Charles) TTU-H2015-084-004)

Circa 1940 Floral Basket Medallion quilt, below, was made by Cleo Woodward.  The beautiful quilting can be seen on this piece, even though the batting is very think.  (Gift of Bonnie Jonas Aycock [Mrs. Robert Rex], TTU-H2016-051-009)


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