The Green of the Times

Every era has its favorite colors. Today Pantone comes out with the color of the year every year and that color pops up in interiors as the hot new color. This year the color is Greenery—a shade of lime green that you can see on the Pantone website

In the 1930s the hot color was Apple Green. Finding that color in quilts is a strong indication that the quilt was made in the 1930s. The color was a popular color throughout the houses of America in the 1930s. If you visit an antique shop you will likely find kitchen utensils with the handles painted apple green or refrigerator jars whose lids are apple green. The quilts featured here in the collections of the Museum of Texas Tech University document that color.


Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt, circa 1930, Gift of Mrs. Don wellborn from the George M. Boles, Collection, TTU-H1971-028-011a.

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Drunkard’s Path Quilt, blocks made by Miss Mabel Erwin’s 435 Class at Texas Technological College, quilting by Mrs. Penney, a professional hand quilter, circa 1930. Gift of Department of Clothing and Textiles, Texas Tech University, TTU_H1976-283-003.


Snowball and Nine-Patch Quilt c 1930 Gift of Walter Diggs, TTU-H1978-023-003


Water Lily Quilt, designed by Anne Orr, 1930s. Gift of Alice L. Larson, TTU-H 2017-003-001.